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A Daisy and Blue Flower Bottle - Part of the upcycled glassware collection.

A dainty bottle with daisies and pastel foliage and tiny blue flowers wrapped around the glass. A perfect bottle to add in some dried or hand-picked forget-me-nots flowers from the garden. 


Approx dimensions: 16 cm x 5 cm (H x W) 

Holds 260ml

Sold individually.


This hand painted glassware has been collected and found from charity shops which I have then upcycled, giving this beautiful glass piece a new burst of life. Because of this process, it means every piece is unique so there is only one design available of each piece.



Please note, no surrounding objects from the photos will be included. It is sold as the single glass alone.


How to clean and care for the glassware.

The hand painted glassware is not suitable for the dishwasher. To clean, simply wash gently with hands in warm soapy water and pat dry.


More about upcycling.

These products have each been given a new burst of life as they have all been collected and found, therefore, nothing is bought brand new. This may mean there are small imperfections in some of the glass pieces because they are second hand.



If you have a piece of glassware that you would like hand painting then please get in touch I would love to work with you! You can choose from colours, flowers and composition so you can get the perfect piece you are looking for.

Sound good? Simply drop me an email, I look forward to meeting you!

Daisy and Blue Flowers Bottle

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  • All the packaging is eco-friendly and is either recyclable or compostable.